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Mental health issues are real,

common, and treatable,

Helix enables a worldwide community of specialist providers and support seekers working towards holistic well-being, mental health, and your empowerment.

How We Assist

Helix represents continuous self-development. Our first priority is to understand you and your individual circumstance in any interaction, be that one-on-one or within a group. The nature of support that would benefit each person can vary significantly. That belief has been core to creating a wide array of well experienced support in form of Counselling , Therapy , Coaching , Psychology and Core Skills to your benefit. Our focus on lasting wellness is well acclaimed. The impact we aim to achieve is vital to individual and collective well-being.

Empowerment Programs

The human mind is complex! We all deal with numerous situations from time to time. Often these circumstance create impact that can feel out of our control. Helix empowerment programs are highly outcome focused time bound support, pre-structured with certain objectives, yet customised to your specific well-being. These programs apply a mix of means and methods, that create maximum probability of success. While different stages of life may not be in our control, the right and timely support can make significant difference.


We all aspire to achieve! Helix has maintained that belief since inception, to make support available for the well-being of any and everyone. Providing choices relevant to your concerns, are core to the spirit and intent of Helix. Support specific to wide-ranging circumstances and stages of life, channel of access, language, time-zone, price, focus area or interest are some of the several factors we consider important for your benefit, as support seeker, specialist provider, organisation, group, or ancillary entity.

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Know the importance of mental health, issues and impact with the latest insights from around the globe.

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Choose from credible, well-experienced support, language, time-zone, price, channel of access (Video, Text, Voice).

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Avail support 24x7, in manner that is convenient and relevant to your concern / interest and personal circumstance.

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Access a variety of resources, brought together exclusively for the Helix community with view to amplify your wellbeing.

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We take this very seriously, and therefore provide the option of 100% anonymity should you wish, beside certified SSL data encryption to safeguard your information, payments, and all interactions online.

Making a Difference

You. Empowered.

Online counselling, therapy, coaching and such support has been widely acclaimed for reasons of choice, convenience, and relevance when offered in authentic, credible manner. Available from comfort of your own time, place and other preferences that in fact influence the outcomes considerably. Helix has been recognised for those very reasons to provide you wide-ranging specialised support, empowerment programs, and ancillary solutions, that make a difference.



  • Usually just options within local proximity, without the often helpful assisted search.
  • Limited by usually sparse options in your local proximity.
  • Partial only by nature of in-person interaction considerable disclosure expected .
  • Determined by the calibre of options available in your local area .
  • Minimal since determined by the support provider, or limited due to lack of choice .
  • Practically anytime worldwide, self-enabled or assisted (by Helix) for the right support.
  • Vast choice across focus area, language, time, price, experience and more.
  • Absolute and certain if so preferred (at least on Helix) keeping your interest secure.
  • Specialist most suited for you made accessible world wide as per choice .
  • Ability for you to decide what, how when, where amongst choices .

A few affirmations...

“I would have never realised the level of anxiety and depression I was dealing with, had it not been for the therapy I received here. There was so much more to my self-diagnosed eating disorder. Seeking support here was the best decision I made.”



“Working in the marketing sector stress levels are always high. I never really paid much heed until my friends and family began to worry about my frequent mood swings. That’s when I was referred to Helix. Today I’m able to channelise my stress and also perform better at work.”